Bravado Designs EXCLUSIVE: Win It Before You Can Even Buy It!

Today, over on Babble – I brought you another great giveaway. This time it’s exclusive! See details here too. Bravado Designs is launching a Limited Edition Fall color called Tigerlily in their Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. And well, we are giving one away!

How to win: Tell us why you need it. This comment is mandatory. You also must be an email subscriber to cupcakeMAG Littles. And yes, we check! The more you comment, the better chance you have to win! Become an email subscriber here for cupcakeMAG Littles. Please note, this is not the same as cupcakeMAG – they are different. Make sure you verify it too!

For extra entries you can do the following below and leave a separate comment for each letting us know. The more you comment the better chance you have to win!

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We will select a lucky winner via on August 14th after 11pm, EST. Please make sure you enter the mandatory comment first before doing the extra entries

Please note: Winner will be revealed on the cupcakeMAG Facebook page.



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  2. I need this because I’m nursing our 8 week old and really need to find a good nursing bra!

  3. I need this nursing bra for my daughter who will be giving birth very very soon , just a month and half left and she needs one very bad. I’d love for her to have the best! Thank you!!!

  4. I’d love to win this bra! This is the best and only type of bra I wear while nursing my 13 month old!

  5. I’m due in January and I’m so confused about nursing bras. This would be perfect to start my collection.

  6. I need an updated version of a Bravado for next baby coming soon Jan 2013. My old Bravados are 6 yrs old! :)

  7. I need this nursing bra because I am successfuly nursing my 5 week old son and it would be so great to get one of these bras. breast feeding is hard especially why you don’t have the right clothing. Nothing I have fits anymore and with a new baby we can’t afford to go and get new bras. It would make things much easier and plus I love the color! Thanks!

  8. I need this nursing bra to welcome my little one into the world of breastfeeding!!! Whooohooo!

  9. One less thing I’d have to buy to prep for breastfeeding! The color would go awesome with my coloring too :)

  10. I need it because I’m due with baby #3 really anytime now (high-risk preg, 34 weeks) and intend to nurse this little one just as I did my first two. Thanks for the chance to enter this great giveaway!

  11. I need this because I’m due in 3 weeks to give birth to our first baby and haven’t gotten any nursing bras yet!

  12. I need this because I’m nursing my 7 week old and need a good supportive nursing bra!

  13. I need it because when I had my daughter I had the most uncomfortable nursing bras EVER! I just had another baby in June and desperately need more comfy nursing bras to get me through the next 1 1/2 + years!

  14. i am about to have my first baby and am having trouble figuring out what kinds of bras i need/will work for me and have heard fabulous things about yours.

  15. I need this bra because bravado bras are the only ones that fit me right and I am expecting my second (and still nursing my 18 mo)!

  16. Baby# 2 is due in Nov and I’l planning on nursing so this would be awesome to win!! Never had nice nursing bras with my first!

  17. I need this because I’m expecting number 2 and she deserves something brand new (she’ll get all her big sisters hand me downs)

  18. I need this because I am expecting at the end of Sepr and do not have any nursing bras.

  19. Second baby due in March. Discovered Bravado toward
    the end of our first of nursing experience (18 months) and I am hooked.

  20. Bravado Bras are THE best! I’d wear them even if I wasn’t nursing! I would like one because I need a second bra (mine is a little snug) and this looks like it would adapt more to my changing shape. Lovely color too.

  21. I need this nursing bra because I’m expecting my first baby and will need this to nurse in style.

  22. I love these bras they are like built in nursing pad and they give shape and coverage to the working/nursing/pumping mom. I love them!

  23. I need this b/c my due date is tomorrow and I am really excited to learn how to nurse successfully!

  24. I need this nursing bra because I’ll be giving birth to my first baby in 7 weeks and i’d help me out a lot!!! Thank you for the chance to win it!

  25. I just had a baby a week ago and don’t have any nursing bras. My milk came in and I desperately need one.

  26. I need it because my son is due on the 21st and I still have not gotten any nursing bras!

  27. I need the tigerlily bra for 2 reasons, one my other nursing bra is getting too small, and two it matches my hair, really my hair is dyed bright orangey pink. It will look fabulous on me thus raising my self esteem.

  28. I need this bra because I am bfing my 4 month old son and can not wear my old bras.

  29. I have been waiting to save up for some nursing bras, my son is due the 23rd of this month! So winning this would be PERFECT timing!

  30. i need this bra, because i currently only have one nursing bra, and i’m still exclusively nursing my 5.5month old!

  31. Baby #2 will be here in 3 weeks and all my nursing bras are worn out from nursing her older brother for 25 months!

  32. Love these bras and could really use another one as I am currently nursing my 5 month old daughter. Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. I want to win this because I have no nursing bras and this would be so helpful! Plus, it’s so cute and look comfy too!

  34. I’d love to have this because I am in serious need of new nursing bras and I’ve found that Bravado ones are some of the best out there. Now if only I could just go on a spending spree and get any of them I wanted! :-)

  35. My lil guy is 4-months and we’re still going strong with breast feeding. I’ve always wanted to try this brand and I love the color. It also looks really comfy and some of the ones I own are soooo uncomfortable!

  36. I need this because I’m nursing our 3 week old and am finding it hard to find a nursing bra that works for me!

  37. I am due in November, so as I enter my third trimester, I really need to start getting prepared! I would love to have this nursing bra.

  38. I am due to have my baby boy in 4 weeks & I would love to have this comfy bra when I am nursing. :)

  39. I’m nursing my 9 week old and pumping at work, and I really need a second nursing bra!

  40. I NEED a new bra…much as I love my first Bravado, I had to buy it second hand (never used, thankfully!) and nursed for over 3 yrs….needless to say, it’s been through the mill! It’s still in pretty good shape, a testament to the fabulousness of Bravado products, but pretty please…could I have a new bra for the new baby in September?

  41. i love the design of the bravado bras which seem like it will be less messy and more comfortable too!

  42. Due in December with #3 – gave away ALL my nursing/maternity goodies thinking 2 was the magic number… oops! ;) Definitely going to need a nursing bra or 2!

  43. My little girl is due in 2 weeks! I would looooove a beautiful and comfortable nursing bra like this!

  44. Oh, I need this! I have just one bra that I’ve been using during sleep, and baby is due at the end of the month!

  45. I will be nursing our newborn soon and will need a new high quality nursing bra! Mine are pretty beat up from our first and could use a little sprucing up! I’m an email subscriber :-)

  46. I need this bra because I’ve only had one comfortable nursing bra for 9 months (a Bravado!) and desperately need a new one because it’s worn out!

  47. Thanks for the giveaway! I would LOVE to win a Bravado as I’ve heard so many amazing things about them. I’m still nursing my 9 month old daughter (with no plans of stopping any time soon!) and I’m also expecting another bundle of joy on January 1/13! And… of the 3 nursing bras that I own, two of them broke in the last two weeks :( (They weren’t Bravado bras, maybe that’s why!) ;)

  48. I am having my 2nd child in the next few weeks. I was able to nurse my first exclusively for the first year and I’m hoping to do the same with this one. Unfortunately, none of my nursing bras from the 1st one fit anymore and the great ones are so expensive!

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  50. I need this bra because I am currently nursing our third and fourth children. Let’s face it, by the time #4 arrived 2 months ago, my nursing bras have taken a beating. :) And good nursing bras aren’t cheap. At least not for me. I have a size band/cup combination that is difficult to find. This is one of the few bras I found and liked.

  51. I really, really need this bra! I am a full-time stay at home wife & Mommy to 3 wonderful little boys. All of my boys have been breastfed and I simply LOVE Bravado nursing bras. I really need a new nursing bra because I just don’t find the time to treat myself to one and my old one is very old. It has lasted through all 3 kids! I must say Bravado bras really do hold up!Please, please consider me!! Thanks!
    ~Chantelle Bogaardt, West Kelowna, BC

  52. I’m expecting my first child in less than 2 weeks. My maternity bras (from Thyme Maternity) stopped being comfortable over a month ago, and I’ve been dying to get a Bravado nursing bra or two! Haven’t made the plunge yet, since my husband and I are a young couple (he’s working, I’m not) and we’ve been putting all the necessities for the baby before the things we need for ourselves! Would LOVE to be able to get the tiger lily Bravado bra!!!

  53. I need this because I am planning on breastfeeding, and I need to get back into shape as quickly as possible because of my job in the military!

  54. Just wondering if you guys announced the winner of this contest on Facebook? I had a look through your posts but couldn’t see anything. Thanks!

  55. I will be nursing my 4th son soon and I need some new incredible nursing bras…the others are worn out! :) I am a email subscriber too!

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