Current Obsession: Crocheted Owl Hats

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With my own newborn due within the next week (ahh!), I’m currently obsessing over the most adorable hand made hats I can find on Etsy: crocheted owl hats! Not only are these sweet little hats the perfect way to keep your little protected from the elements as the weather turns chilly, they’re a unique way to express a little baby style.

Owl Hat by Mermaid Designs Buy Here

I can’t get over how absolutely adorable these little hats are. They’re also super soft so you know that the yarn won’t make your baby’s head itchy. You can choose from multiple sizes – they range from newborn to toddler ages. Plus, there are plenty of different colors and designs available so that you can find the perfect hat for the little in your life!

Adorable owl hats by Mermaid Designs Buy Here

There’s no way to deny the cuteness factor here! If the weather doesn’t get too chilly where you live, these are also a great accessory for your next family photo shoot or even for a Halloween costume – after all, October is just around the corner. And if the owl theme doesn’t strike your fancy, there are tons of other crocheted hat designs to search for on Etsy. You can find hats styled after pretty much any animal you can think of, but my personal favorites (besides the owls!) are the monsters and bears. Happy shopping!

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