Giveaway From Babble | Win An Orbit Baby G2 Travel System {Retail Value $940}

Hello cupcakes! 

Most of you have been following my pregnancy over on Babble + as the end draws near I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of my FABulous readers with one week of amazing giveaways! This is my thank you and happy end of poregnancy celebration.

First up, the Orbit Baby G2 Travel System. It’s a pretty price tag of $940 and you can win it now. First, you need to head over to Babble and read the review and tell me, why you love it. Read on to enter the giveaway!

Stay tuned……here is what we have going on the rest of the week:

Tuesday with Stokke | Total giveaway $1805!
Stokke Sleepi Crib, Changing Table and Mattress | Retail value: $1500 {color of choice}
Stokke Trip Trapp HIgh Chair with Cushion | Retail value: $305 {color of choice}
Wednesday: phil + teds navigator buggy with double kit | Retail value $650
Thursday: $500 Gift Certificate to get one amazing wardrobe from Hatch Collection 
Friday: Newborn Must-Have Essentials | Total giveaway $675
Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag {Society Satchel Diaper Bag in Berry Chiffon from the Cake Collection} from Rosenberry Rooms $325
$200 Gift Certificate for Tea Collection 
$150 Gift Certificate for Zutano 

Giveaway: Orbit Baby G2 Travel System. Retail value. $940

How to win: Head over to Babble here + tell us what you loved about reading the review. Leave that comment below too! These comments are mandatory. You also must be an email subscriber to cupcakeMAG Littles. And yes, we check! The more you comment, the better chance you have to win! Become an email subscriber here for cupcakeMAG Littles. Please note, this is not the same as cupcakeMAG – they are different. Make sure you verify it too!

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We will select a lucky winner via on October 1st after 11pm, EST. Please make sure you enter the mandatory comment first before doing the extra entries

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See all of Casi’s Babble’s post here, check her out on Spearmint Baby and find her on The Party Dress. Want more? Get to know 25 things about Casi.




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  1. What an awesome stroller! I love the 360 degree turning capability! It would be a dream to have this stroller! I just had my 3rd baby 5 days ago! :) nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  2. Like you on Facebook and commented on your wall post – nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  3. I love that this stroller IS very easy to collapse. I know mothers who say it is very user-friendly which is a big deal when navigating sidewalks and NYC subways!

    • I have always drooled over this stroller. I would absolutely love to have it for my son!

  4. I love the smarthub that allows you to dock the carseat and strap the baby facing any direction, the soft carry handle on the carseat, the fabric is oekotex certified and has a great sunshade

  5. seriously?! That stroller is amazing, I look like an idiot every time I carry my daughter’s carseat. My husband ALWAYS says, “do you need help with that? do you struggle like that when i’m not around?” Yes. Thanks.
    My favorite feature is the rotating feature. If my daughter can’t see me she freaks out…perfect for restaurants!

  6. I love how its able to rotate 360 degrees! It makes it so much easier to take out baby from car or the car seat out of the car. also to stroll down and check on your baby. This is an amazing travel system! :)

  7. Oh my gosh! This isn’t the Mercedes of travel systems, it is the Rolls Royce! I love your comment about the cup/key holder. Those are the two items I lose most and need MOST! I also love the 360-degree baby pivot…What an amazing system!

  8. I love this travel system because it has everything, it turns 360 degrees, and it comes in red, so it matches all my stuff and my hair, yay!

  9. I love The hassle-free no-pump tires give you one less worry and the innovative QuadShock suspension gives your babe one super-smooth ride. I am also an email subscriber :)

  10. I love all the possibilities with this stroller! The review really points out all the amazing things this stroller can do. I have a friend that has one that has nothing but good things to say about hers, I would love to be able to have one too!

  11. I love the patented circular SmartHub™ allows you to dock Orbit Baby car seats into your car from nearly any angle! No more struggling trying to get it in correctly at the right angle!

  12. I love the red color, and the fact that the carseat base is so easy to install! The swivel factor is also super cool!!

  13. I love the innovative QuadShock suspension! After breaking my arm when I was younger, some strollers irritate it and a smooth ride is very important to me!

  14. I love how easy it is to maneuver and to fold up! I also love that it fits into a trunk easily – super convenient!

  15. This is a wonderful style system, love the easy fold too! Hope To Win For My Little One!

  16. Congratulations on making it to the end! I’m excited to read about your sweet new boy soon. This stroller system looks Auh-mazing! I love the swivel!

  17. I can’t stop loving this! The fact that it stands up by itself when folded is a game changer, but I can’t imagine life with a comfortable way to carry the car seat. Brilliant!!

  18. Honesty, it’s such a pretty stroller, in addition to its ease of use. It almost does the work for you.

  19. Not only is your review great on Babble, but I loved reading all the comments here about the great features of the Orbit!! I will certainly look into it even if I don’t win!

  20. Pingback: Review of the Orbit Baby G2 Travel System ($940 Value Giveaway on cupcakeMAG too!) | My Family Blog

  21. I love that it takes as little as 60 seconds to install the base of car seat in car! That’s abosultely great. As a single mom I have no help and the less that it takes to do something, the better for me!

  22. The 60 second install is amazing! I didn’t even know that existed in the world of carseats!

  23. I love that it’s lightweight and has a quick installation. It’s very stylish too: )

  24. My new baby boy needs some new goodies!!!!! Good luck to you! I hope you have a super fast, safe and easy delivery of your new little boy!!!

  25. I am an email subscriber: arobinson45 (at)
    I left a comment as Liz Robinson on the review from your link.
    I love how hassle free this travel system is!

  26. I have literally been drooling over this stroller for forever! I love the 360 degree rotation and the compact folding feature!

  27. I love on babble’s review how detail they were on each feature! The orbit baby stroller looks amazing! I love how easy the car seat is to install!

  28. Shared the giveaway with @cupcakemag -

  29. I love that you are almost due and I can hear the excitement thru ur post. Such an awesome giveaway

  30. That stroller is amazing!!!<3 the 360 feaure it has really cool features specially the stroller frame!!Thanks to Babble review had lot of details and features love when they do a so much needed review on things we need for our babies:)really apreciated the time on doin the reviews!!!!

  31. I love that it rotates 360 degrees. Her description of juggling a screaming 2 year old while trying to get an infant in the base says it all. It is so versatile!

  32. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how safe the carseat is!!!!! They seem to have put a lot of thought and effort into making a safe and not to mention stylish product! We are trying for baby number 3 and this would just be perfect for whenever it finally happens!

  33. What I liked about the review was the amount of information you packed into it while still making it easy, and enjoyable, to read.

  34. I love the the soft carry handle. With a heavy carseat and a baby tgat keeps packing on the pounds, I am no stranger to the infamous “carseat arm cramp “.

  35. Casi’s review got me excited about this stroller and how much easier it would make my life!

  36. FAV part about the Orbit Review “Orbit Car Seats are built for side-impact protection and they use the world’s best stroller suspension.” I don’t care how many features a stroller or car seat has, safety is always at the top of my check list!

  37. i love how convenient the stroller is as a travel system with both the toddler seat and infant seat. it would make travel a lot easier

  38. The removable Cargo Pod is a nice feature – and one I didn’t know the system offered.

  39. I love the orbit system! It’s so easy- yet so versatile! Love that you reviewed the ease of the car seat swivel.

  40. This is a great review — I love that the seat rotates, and the carrier has a flexible strap.

  41. On the Babble post I commented “I love that it can rotate all the way around!!”

  42. I love how honest your review is! It looks like an amazing system and I hope hubby can find the money for it by the time baby gets here!

  43. also that you can rotate your baby 360 degrees and the UV sunshade with Paparazzi Shield™ extension

  44. Like that the stroller frame folds compactly and stands alone while i can open trunk without damaging it on the floor. Very amazing stroller travel system!

  45. I love how user friendly it is, I love that it stands alone while folded… and easy to close??? awesome!

  46. The Orbit G2 is makes transitioning baby from stroller to carseat a snap! The 360 functionality is ideal for maneuvering in a smaller car or even just dealing with a whiny little one. Maybe there will be no need to upgrade to a 4-door!

    I tried a few times to comment on Babble and for some reason it wouldn’t take. Thanks for the great review!

  47. 60 seconds to install? The one I have now, that we will be using again with new baby coming in March, takes at least 3-4 minutes just to get out. And that’s after I climb into the back of my car, brace foot against the seat, and teach my children a slew of new really fancy words.

  48. Love this review of Orbit! It is very thourough and walks through all of the features! Love the orbit, I just can’t afford it. I follow both cupcake mag and being pregnant on facebook.

  49. I this stroller is so cool and modern.I love how the seat rotates 360.Orbit baby is simply amazing!!

  50. I love the soft carrier handle and the spin feature, makes getting into the car quick and easy!

  51. The link to Being Pregnant on facebook did not work and I could not find the site so I “Like” Babble Pregnancy on Facebook (Nicole Uyeda). Hope that counts :)

  52. I love all the details on the stroller in the Babble post, the cup holder and key tray are two features I hadn’t noticed before.

  53. I love the rotating seat, green fabrics, the one handed fold, really everything!!

  54. This review came into my twitter feed after spending several disappointing weeks researching and in-store test-driving various travel systems. Thank you!!! I’m a first time Mother, expecting in early November. My love of handbags, shoes and the latest tech gadgets has been replaced by a desire for the best possible baby products available. The Orbit G2 combo is a beauty!!!

  55. 7. Pin one of the images above {or in the Babble post} with a link to this post to a Pinterest board and show us.

  56. I love how easy it is to fold this stroller up, as well as the rotation of the seat. There are so many great features to love!

  57. Been drooling over this stroller since I found out I was pregnant! Your post just makes me want it more!

  58. I love the UV sunshade with Paparazzi Shield™ extension! Protecting out childrens skin is so important :)

  59. I love that even though I only have 2 kids now, this system will grow with my family – as we plan to have 4! Plus – to be able to turn the seat on the stroller 360 degrees is AMAZING!

  60. I’m quite sure the Paparazzi Shield was made just for me. LOL! In all honesty, it’s sad that this has to be a feature of the stroller, but I’m glad to see they are thinking about safety in all aspects.

  61. What I really like about the stroller is that it folds so compactly (confirmed email subscriber

  62. I love how the review mentions what a great investment the orbit is. A lot of times reviews make people feel bad for wanting to spend a lot of money but yours did not do that!

  63. This is what i commented on the Orbit review…
    Quick install and soft carry handle are my favorite features. Who wants to spend all day installing a car seat and anything to make lugging the seat more comfortable is a plus! Wonderful product and great review!

  64. I love so many features about this stroller system it’s hard to pick just one. I love that it is environmentally friendly. It is a huge fulfillment to so many parents in it’s smart design and function. How everything is interchangeable, and the swivel lock system is genius!

  65. I like how it is really designed to make the user’s life easier. I especially like the the soft carrier {patent-pending} handle. This would really help to avoid having sore arms.

  66. I love the collection. I especially appreciate the fact of how versatile and classic the pieces are. The cobalt blue dress is a gorgeous shade.

    • Sorry, I meant to put this comment on the $500 giveaway. Please delete this comment. Thanks!

  67. i am in love with this stroller! i have been on the market for a new one for my first born! i am absolutely in love!!

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