Current Obsession: Unique Applique Shirts for Your Holiday Photos

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Since it’s my little man’s first Christmas (yay!), I’m more than a little obsessed with looking for unique little outfits for him to wear over the next month or so. And I’m finding some serious success with holiday applique shirts and onesies – we are going to have the best collection of holiday pictures EVER. If you haven’t found the perfect outfit for your kids to wear for the holidays yet this year, let me give you a few fantastic suggestions!

Set of Three Christmas JOY Appliqued Shirts – Buy Here!

I am totally digging these matching JOY shirts – if I had three littles to dress up this holiday, you better believe that they’d be wearing these! The material design and shape of the letters are fun and whimsical – and the three littles combo would look so perfect on a Christmas or New Year’s greeting card. Throw an adorable red and green tutu into the mix for the little ladies in your life and you have total perfection for all of your holiday photos.

Reindeer Applique Onesies – Buy Here!

I have fallen totally in love with these Reindeer Applique Onesies – and how perfect is it that they have a boy version and a girl version? That little silver bow tie is perfect for my little man. But if I had a little girl, pairing this onesie with a tutu that matches the reindeer’s bow would be a total must!

Personalized Christmas Gowns – Buy Here!

If monogramming is more up your alley, then check out these personalized Christmas gowns for your little! The sideways applique makes these little shirts unique – and the alternating fabrics for each letter is such a fun idea. It would be the perfect gift for newborn’s first holidays – and if my little man hadn’t already hit the six month sizes in his closet, I would definitely have gotten this for him!

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