Five Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Car Seat Cover for Your Little

Saturday in Minnesota, it was a balmy fall day at fifty-five degrees. That would, of course, be the day that I chose to stay home and relax with my little man all day – leaving all of my errands for the following day. Sunday rolled around and I got ready to head out the door with my little guy covered in his usual car seat blanket. Which I soon found out was going to be no match for the blustery day that had appeared out of thin air! So I realized it was high time for the JJ Cole BundleMe to come out of the closet.

JJ Cole Urban BundleMe – Buy Here!

There are tons of companies that make this kind of car seat cover – JJ Cole just happens to be my personal favorite because of the quality, the fact that it’s crash tested IN car seats and the fabulous colors it comes in! So let me woo you to decide that you too need to invest in one of these fabulous car seat covers for the little in your life.

1. Like I said, they’re crash tested. Which means they’re safe for use in car seats – something any mama can appreciate. One of the biggest pieces of information that stuck with me from our childbirth classes is that snowsuits are great for outdoor play, but not for car seats. They can cause excess bulk, making the straps not tighten as much as they need to. Which could create a disaster in a car crash. The BundleMe offers the warmth of a snowsuit without impeding the safety of your child.

2. If your kid is anything like mine, he won’t wear a coat anyway. In the car, my little is notorious for getting so hot that he’s sweating by the time we reach our destination – if he’s wearing a coat in his car seat. The BundleMe is the perfect antidote for that because again, it offers the warmth of a winter coat but can be rolled down (or completely zipped off) while in the car. Perfection.

3. It’s easily interchangable from car seat to stroller. If you’re someone who likes to get out and be active – you know, outdoors – in the winter, this is the perfect accessory for you. Not only is it easy to use on your car seat, it’s easy to swap over to your stroller to provide an extra layer of protection from the elements for your little while you’re getting your workout on.

4. It has a cell phone and credit card pocket. Yep – you read that correctly. Right on the front of the cover there’s a zippered pocket for all of your necessities. So whether you’re running to the store or just plain running, you have an easy access pouch for whatever it is you need to bring with you.

5. They’re super stylish! I love that this product comes in a bunch of fun, bright colors – enough colors to match whatever your style is! Personally, I have the sprout (green), but I also LOVE the Nordic Blue.

Tell me in the comments: what’s your favorite BundleMe color?

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  1. I’m boring… Love the STEALTH! We have a cowmooflauge seat so this one would match!

    • That would match perfectly! They’re all awesome, no matter which color you pick :)

    • They are definitely worth the bigger version – they can be a bit of a bear to get onto the carseat, but SO worth it – they’re a lifesaver in the winter!

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