Crushin: The Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance Backpack

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You might laugh when you read this, but picking out a diaper bag is one of the biggest decisions a stylish mama can make! You need something that’s functional for your littles, but it also needs to be hip and fashionable. Something that you’re going to love carrying around every time you leave the house. A diaper bag is more than just a baby mama’s substitute for a purse: it’s her mommy calling card. It tells other moms about your personality and can show them that hey, this is a mama you want to be friends with!

So now that we’re all on the same page with the fact that a diaper bag is in fact a super important purchase for stylish moms everywhere, let me tell you about the bag that won over my heart: the Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance Backpack.

Petunia Picklebottom Abundance Backpack – Buy Here!

1. This particular diaper bag is billed as being for moms with multiple littles. I have one little man – and yet it’s still perfect for me. I’m the one that’s carrying a huge purse full of anything and everything that I could possibly need throughout the day. And having such a big bag lets me be prepared for anything that the day throws at me and my little guy: there’s always room for extra clothes and bottles in case our day takes a turn for the unexpected. Something that this always overly prepared mama can appreciate!

2. It has tons of pockets. I’m a little bit of an organization addict. So having a place for everything in my diaper bag is pretty much the best thing ever. This diaper bag even has little nuk pockets! And I absolutely adore the fact that there’s a removable, washable bag for any dirty baby clothes that accrue throughout the day.

3. It can be worn multiple ways. I love that this bag offers versatility in terms of how you wear it. It works as a backpack, but also as a messenger bag – which is totally this mama’s style. The straps are made out of seatbelt material, so you know that they’re extra durable. You can even get clips made out of that same durable material to secure the bag to your stroller while you’re at the mall. We love it!

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